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Toilet Repair and Replacement Livonia

If your toilet is starting to run constantly, or you would like a new low-flow toilet, we invite you to call.

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The task of replacing a toilet is one of the more simple jobs that can be performed around the home or office.  Here are the basic steps to replacing a toilet:

  1. Measure from the wall to toilet bolts and purchase new toilet accordingly. (The toilet bolts are under a decorative cap on the base of the toilet - 1 bolt on left and 1 on right side of toilet base).
  2. Turn off water to toilet and flush toilet.
  3. Empty toilet with a wet vac or sponge up remaining water from bowl and tank.
  4. Double check water is shut off to toilet and disconnect water supply line.
    If water keeps flowing from supply line just put supply line back together and tighten - you're water shut-off valve is faulty so you'll have to turn off the water using the next valve along the supply line to your toilet.
  5. Remove two decorative caps covering toilet bolts and remove nuts.
  6. Rock bowl back and forth until it loosens from the wax seal under the bowl.
  7. Before lifting toilet from the floor pick a spot where you're going to set the toilet down once we lift it off the wax ring. Simply put cardboard down somewhere to protect the floor.
  8. Now straddle bowl, lift tank from bowl and set it on the cardboard - remember lift with your legs.
  9. Where the toilet was mounted on the floor, scrape old wax seal off mounting flange.
  10. With wax removed from flange, check condition of mounting flange. Replace flange if it's cracked or is not uniform.
  11. To install new toilet, if mounting bolts in flange are worn, replace with new bolts.
  12. Flip new toilet bowl upside down and place new wax ring over the bowl drain.
  13. Flip new toilet bowl upright and place over the new bolts in mounting flange.
  14. Rock the bowl with downward pressure to compress the wax ring.
  15. Start the new nuts on the bolts.
  16. Check the bowl with a level and shim accordingly.
  17. Tighten each bowl nut a turn at a time till each nut is tight to the bowl.
  18. Cover bolts with new caps or re-use originals.
  19. Place the supply tank on the bowl with tank bolts thru holes in bowl.
  20. Tighten tank bolts but don't over-tighten.
  21. Install the toilet valve assembly in supply tank.
  22. Connect the water supply line to the tank.
  23. Turn on water supply to toilet and check for leaks in supply line to tank.
  24. As water fills the supply tank, make sure toilet valve in tank shuts off the water at the desired level in the supply tank. (Read toilet valve installation manual)
  25. If no leaks, flush toilet and check for leaks around base of toilet. If there's a leak, you will probably have to purchase a thicker wax ring to get a proper seal at base of toilet, it's very difficult to re-use any wax ring once installed.
  26. If no leaks, good job!
  27. Caulk around the base of new toilet, dispose of old toilet, and you're done.

Installing a new toilet is a relatively easy job. If you would like help replacing your toilet, we welcome you to call.

We offer free Toilet Repair and Replacement Estimates
Call 734-330-5457
Serving Metro Detroit from Livonia, MI

I offer Toilet Replacement Services throughout the Detroit Metro area from Livonia. Service area includes; Canton, Detroit, Farmington, Garden City, Livonia, Novi, Northville, Plymouth, Southfield, Royal Oak & Westland, Michigan.

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